In a world characterized by increasing threats to personal safety and security, the role of VIP protection services has grown exponentially. Our services cater to a diverse clientele, including celebrities, sport figures, corporate executives, politicians and individuals who require a heightened level of protection. ASCO Security excels in the multifaceted realm of VIP protection in Poland, especially in the city of Wroclaw, having perfected not only the services offered but also the essential practices and training that are key principles to define effective personal protection.

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VIP protection also known as VIP close protection, is a specialized security service designed to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals who face a heightened risk due to their celebrity status, wealth, or occupation. Our headquarters is located in Wrocław, and we know and can protect this area best, but we also provide personal protection services throughout Poland.

Our VIP protection services encompass an intricate web of strategies, tactics, and professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of those facing elevated risks. These services include but are not limited to:

  • VIP Security Guards: These highly trained professionals specialize in threat assessment, risk mitigation, and crisis management. They serve as the first line of defense in VIP protection.
  • Close Protection VIP Security: Commonly referred to as personal bodyguards, close protection specialists provide physical security by maintaining close proximity to the client. They are adept at adapting to various environments and situations.
  • VIP Executive Protection: Tailored to the specific needs of corporate executives, this service ensures their safety during business travel, meetings, and public appearances. It often involves assessing potential security risks related to the corporate world.
  • Celebrity Security Services: Celebrities often face a unique set of security challenges due to their high-profile status. Specialized VIP protection services address these challenges, maintaining the safety and privacy of public figures.
  • Armed Security VIP Protection: In cases of heightened threat levels, VIP protection may include armed personnel who are trained to respond to high-risk situations.

VIP protection is indispensable due to the elevated risks faced by high-profile individuals. These risks encompass a broad spectrum, including: physical harm. harassment and stalking, corporate espionage, public disturbances, kidnapping threats, paparazzi intrusion, cybersecurity breaches.

ASCO VIP protection services offer a proactive and responsive solution to address these threats effectively, allowing clients to lead their lives without constant fear and anxiety.


What is important in VIP Protection

  • VIP Security Specialists: Employing skilled professionals with extensive training in threat assessment and security measures is crucial.
  • VIP Security Company: Choosing a reputable VIP security company with a proven track record ensures that the protection services are reliable and effective.
  • VIP Security Solutions: Tailoring security measures to the specific needs and lifestyle of the client is essential for VIP protection.
  • VIP 24 Protection: VIP protection is not limited to certain hours. It requires round-the-clock vigilance to address potential threats at any time.
  • Private Bodyguards: VIP protection often includes personal bodyguards who are trained to respond swiftly and discreetly to any security concerns.


Risk Assessment

Comprehensive risk assessments should precede any protection plan. This involves identifying potential threats, vulnerabilities, and critical assets to tailor security measures accordingly.

Physical Security

Implementing access control, surveillance systems, and secure transportation methods to minimize risks in various environments, including residences, offices, and public spaces.

Ochrona VIP Wrocław

Intelligence Gathering

Ongoing intelligence gathering and monitoring of potential threats, allowing for timely adjustments to the protection plan.

Discretion and Anonymity

Maintaining a low profile and discretion in both personal and online activities to minimize the risk of being targeted by malicious actors.

Communication Protocols

Establishing clear and effective communication protocols among security personnel to ensure a coordinated response to security incidents.

Training and Drills

Regular training and simulation drills to prepare security personnel for various scenarios and contingencies.

Why choose Asco Security personal protection

In a world where personal security is increasingly vital, ASCO VIP protection services provide essential safeguards for individuals facing elevated risks. Our services encompass a wide range of strategies and measures, from VIP security guards to close protection VIP security, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Adhering to best practices and key principles of personal protection allows us to keep our clients safe and able to lead their lives with confidence and peace of mind. Contact ASCO Security for more information in regards to VIP and personal security in Wroclaw.

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